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Programming Language Popularity

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Despite the numerous ways in existence to quantify programming language popularity, I thought I’d throw yet another one into the mix. I made a number of Google searches of the forms below and averaged the results:

"implemented in <language>"
"written in <language>"

I’m very curious to see how these stats change over time, so I’ve added a calendar item to recompute them in six months. Leave a comment if you’d like to add a programming language to the list, and I’ll update this article and it will be included in the recomputation six months from now.

Language # Results
C 1,905,500
Java 850,000
C++ 699,000
PHP 680,000
Python 396,000
Perl 365,500
C# 349,700
Lisp Family1 176,507
JavaScript 102,700
Ruby 99,650
Scheme 86,450
Lisp 61,900
Tcl 44,800
ML Family2 29,062
Haskell 22,550
Erlang 22,285
OCaml 22,000
Common Lisp 20,600
Prolog 17,750
Lua 13,065
Smalltalk 9,105
Arc 6,775
Forth 6,465
(S)ML3 5,173
Scala 3,570
Caml 1,889
Io 1,760
Clojure 782

1 combines Lisp, Scheme, Common Lisp, Arc & Clojure
2 combines OCaml, (S)ML, Caml
3 summed separate searches for sml and ml
Update 4/23/09 added C#, Tcl per comment requests.

Written by Brian Adkins

April 21, 2009 at 2:55 pm