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Web Hosting Bandwidth Constant

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  • 365.25 days per year
  • 12 months per year
  • 24 hours per day
  • 60 minutes per hour
  • 60 seconds per minute
  • 1,024 MB per GB
  • 1,024 KB per MB
  • 8 kilobits (kb) per kilobyte (KB)

Put that all together and you get the following:

3.19 (month kb) / (sec GB)

So when you see a web hosting company stating a bandwidth per month (in GB), you can multiply that by 3.19 to get a kilobits per second figure. In other words, 18 GB/month of bandwidth is the amount of bandwidth that a 56Kb modem would consume at full capacity, and 480 GB/month is roughly the same as a 1.5Mb T1 line.

Written by Brian Adkins

September 3, 2007 at 1:42 am

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