Advent of Code 2021

:: programming, puzzle

Advent of Code 2021 is about to start on December 1.

Last year was my first participation in Advent of Code, and it was a lot of fun - I’m looking forward to this year’s. I was able to finish all of the puzzles last year, and I’m hoping to be able to do so again this year. It was a fun way to increase my Racket skills.

I’ll be using Racket primarily, since it’s been my main programming language for the last few years. I’ve also been re-learning Python recently for some data science projects, and I’ve been reviewing JavaScript ES6, so I may do some of the puzzles in either of those languages to help speed up the learning.

I also hope to blog some of the solutions as time permits, and you’ll be able to see my solutions in my LearningRacket github repository.

Seeing other solutions, and porting them to Racket, is a big part of the fun, so let me know if you’ll be joining the fun this year, so I can check out your solutions!