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Upgrading to Emacs 29.1

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It appears upgrading my Anaconda Python distribution killed my Emacs, so I figured I’d try upgrading to the latest version to see if that fixed things. It did :)

Since upgrading Emacs to 29.1 no longer required the manual configuration changes I had to make when upgrading to 28.2, I’ll document the procedure I used on MacOS Ventura 13.6.1

Upgrading to Emacs 24.5

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I previously wrote a post about switching from Carbon Emacs to Gnu Emacs. Upgrading is pretty simple now, so I thought I’d record the procedure for installing Emacs from source on OSX for future reference:

Nice Fonts for GNU Emacs on Ubuntu Linux

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UPDATE 12/24/08: This article is now out of date. I just installed Ubuntu 8.10, and getting Emacs with nice fonts is now much easier:

  1. Install the emacs-snapshot-gtk package
  2. Edit ~/.Xresources to have Emacs.font: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono–10
  3. xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources