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Peter Norvig on Gradient Dissent Podcast

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Someone on the Julia Slack mentioned this interview with Peter Norvig on the Gradient Dissent podcast.

  • The 4th edition of Peter’s book, “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” was released earlier this year.

  • When asked, “Do you think that Python will continue to be the main programming language for ML for the next decade?”, Peter replied, “Looking at where we are today, I guess I would be happier if Julia was the main language” ! (40:34)

Programming Language Popularity - Part Thirteen

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I occasionally compile some statistics on programming language popularity by running a bunch of Google searches to rank programming languages according to the number of results. I wouldn’t read too much into these stats, but they are not without value.

This time, I’ve included the code I use (written in Racket) and the raw data.

I made the following Google searches and summed the results:

"implemented in <lang>"
"written in <lang>"
"developed in <lang>"
"programmed in <lang>"