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How to Write a Spelling Corrector in Racket

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In September, 2008, I translated Peter Norvig’s spelling corrector into Ruby. My current favorite language is Racket, so I thought it would be a good exercise to port it to Racket. After some helpful tips by Vincent St-Amour and Sam Tobin-Hochstadt in the #racket IRC channel, I came up with the following. I’ll show it two different ways, the first minimizes the line count (without sacrificing too much stylistically) to 27 lines, and the second is closer to how I’d normally format it:

My Top 10 Programming Languages of Interest for 2013–2014

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The End of Moore’s Law

For the last few years (since 2009), I’ve been pitching the idea to my peers that language speed & concurrency/parallel capabilities will become more important as CPU clock speeds plateau and manufacturers add more CPU cores instead of advancing clock rates. My 2+ year old Macbook Pro has 4 cores and 8 hyperthreads.

2009 Programming Language Plan

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Update 11/23/2020: The ultimate winner for my primary programming language was Racket.


The 2008 Programming Language Plan didn’t go as well as I hoped, so I’m regrouping for another go at it. I did make progress learning some Logo and teaching it to my daughters, and I worked through seven chapters of “Programming in Haskell” which was very enjoyable, but I also spent way too much time trying to decide which language(s) to learn without actually learning them.